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5 Minutes

5 Minute Options Strategy

5 minute options are considered to be one of the best money making machines in the options world. The time frame is not too short and not too long, which allows the market to change just enough for you to be sure of profit. Before you start trading this 5 minute options strategy, you need to know that it is better applied to high volume asset like EUR/USD, Apple, Google and the like, which are in low volatility mode, meaning there are no major new in the nearest future and no serious expectation to create drastic price movements.

How to use 5 minutes in trading

In order to succeed with 5 minute options strategy, you need to use one of the basic oscillators like MACD or Derivative Oscillator to aid in your trading. Open up several major assets that suit our precondition and monitor the movement of the price and oscillators. If the oscillator candles move from negative to positive and vice versa you can place a 5 minute options trade in the direction of the market after the first candle in the opposite direction and be sure to profit in most instances. The confirmation is also seen on the price movement on the chart. If the price doesn't move in the same direction as the oscillator then you should wait one more candle for the price to start moving in the proper direction.

5 Minute Options

The requirement of non-volatility is essential, as under such conditions market can reverse in a matter of seconds and leave you with a loss, which is something you must avoid. The less “noise” you get the better is for your trading. And highly traded assets with an appropriate 5 minute options strategy provide the stability you need.

Unlike the 60 seconds trades with 5 minute options trades you receive less risk and you can more accurately predict your entry points on a 5 minute options strategy chart. With this 5 minute options strategy you can generate a reasonable volume of 20 trades per day with the vast majority of them being profitable. The returns are great as well, up to 80%, depending on your brokerage company.