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60 Seconds

60 Seconds Options Strategy

Options provide traders with a variety of expiration times. The most popular one is turbo / 60 seconds trading options. Indeed it is not limited to one minute and varies in time from a few ticks to 300 seconds. It is easier and better to adapt, when having space to maneuver.

How to use 60 Seconds Options

Indeed 60 seconds trading became popular only a couple of years ago with the advent of high-speed Internet access and web-based platforms and it offers a unique chance to turn-over your investment in a very short period of time with top-notch returns. Meaning that you can double or even triple you deposit in a matter of minutes. And when employing hefty bonuses provided by brokers the sum can reach staggering amounts.

To be successful in trading Options and not play a game of guess you need a definitive 60 Seconds Options strategy to aid in your investment. The one I advise you has been confirmed by me and many other traders and it is proven successful.

60 Seconds Trading

First of all, you need to put the chart at 60 seconds trading time frame and use Bollinger Band indicator with standard settings. If your broker does not provide you with such tools, you can download MetaTrader 4 free of charge on your laptop and use it free-of-charge for this 60 seconds strategy.

Secondly, please, have a thorough look at different assets to find the one with the strongest trend based on the indicators above. When you have found one you can start easily placing equal stakes in the direction of the market and it can be a good 60 Seconds Options strategy for you.

In case you have placed a $100 investment and it did not work out, you can double it to cover your losses and bring in more profit.

Finally, 60 Seconds Options strategy includes common rule to manage your risks properly and do not put more than 5% of your account balance in a single trade. It is smart to spread out your investments over a variety of assets to generate a higher average return, than to win a couple of stakes and loose a bunch on the way. This will allow yo to stay afloat and make money in the long term.