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AUD/USD online trading

The Australian Dollar and the US Dollar are two of the most traded currencies in the World. Traders looking to trade the AUD USD currency pair online trading will assess the relative strengths of the two economies and make directional and force predictions about price movement.

AUD USD currency pair

The Australian economy has performed remarkably well since the financial crisis started in October 2008. The stability and growth the country has demonstrated is largely due to its key role in the Asia-Pacific region and its production of consumables that are relied upon by nations all over the world. Australia produces energy and wine and has a significant agricultural industry. The price of the AUD correlates well with the price of Gold, as Australia is the second largest producer of Gold on the planet, after China.

The US economy has been the driver for the world for many years. Although the financial crisis of 2008 had its epicenter in the US they remain an important consumer market and home to some of the largest companies operating around the globe. Fiscal debt is a huge US problem, but they are taking action to try and remedy the situation. With the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) growing in significance internationally the US will have to fight to retain its position as World Economic Leader.

AUD/USD online trading brokers

The online trading traders will find the AUD USD currency pair an interesting trading opportunity. By developing a strong understanding of the two economies it is possible to achieve high profits on a consistent basis.

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