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AXA Online Trading

How to trade AXA

Online trading is undoubtedly an excellent means to achieve high trade payouts if you can gain predictive power through your research. The asset choices are broad and it is possible to specialize in a particular asset class, geographical area, industry sector or even single stock. The insurance industry is represented by a number of companies including Generali and AXA.

AXA is an insurance group with a unique business model. It is an umbrella of independently run operations that work within the constraints of the countries in which they do business. The organization’s headquarters are in Paris, France. Originally established in 1816, the company has a proud history of insurance services around Europe. They have grown through acquisitions and entered the US in 1991 when they took over The Equitable. The company has a global presence and is continually expanding its operation into new territories.

Like most financial sector companies AXA suffered heavily post Credit Crunch. Share prices fell from above $25 to below $5, although they have since rallied. The volatility the stock has demonstrated has attracted high trade volumes over recent years. Whereas most stocks have seen some drop off in trade volume AXA has seen an increase. Online trading brokers have found AXA an excellent stock through which to achieve high profits.

AXA in the stock market

AXA can be found listed on the Euronext Paris Exchange with the ticker CS. It is also featured as part of the CAC 40 MI. AXA Online Trading traders can therefore choose to either trade the stock directly, or become experts in the top 40 French companies and trade the French index. Opportunities look set to abound in AXA stock as uncertainty in the financial world, France, and the Eurozone continue to influence the stock.

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