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Baidu Online Trading

How to trade Baidu

As the Internet becomes more ingrained in our day-to-day lives companies, like Baidu, increase their impact. Baidu is targeted specifically to the Chinese market. Founded in 2000, it was created to fill the search engine niche in the Chinese geographical sphere. Google and Yahoo had several challenges fitting into the Chinese market for both political and economical reasons. Baidu quickly managed to jump into this niche and capture 50% market share.

The company began as a pure search provider, much like Google. It was founded by Robin Li and Eric Zu ,and now provides audio files, images and extra offerings. With the sheer market domination of the company, and ambition to launch into new services, there will be marked shifts in prices over the coming years. Trades should look for contender companies to spring up and perhaps for Baidu to expand into other territories and verticals. With 750 million web pages now listed they are a growing power.

Baidu in the stock market

Baidu was first listed in 2007, on the NASDAQ, under the ticker BIDU. They were the first Chinese company to be in the NASDAQ 100 market index. Trading Baidu stock prices is going to be an interesting proposition over the coming years. The 12-month chart shows a range of around $89 to $152. There is significant volatility and swinging bullish and bearish trends throughout the year, signifying excellent trading conditions.

Certainly the next steps for the company look to involve some significant expansions. The Chinese market is such a vast and increasingly wealthy one that the company is now well-positioned to become a world power in the online market. Watch out for indications of the direction they are looking to take.

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