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BBVA Online Trading

How to trade BBVA

The financial services sector has been hit hard by the financial crisis that began October 2008. Many companies have seen their shares fall away significantly as operational concerns and toxic debt have taken their toll. Spain has recently been struggling with Sovereign Debt and is under extreme pressure. It appears that it is not a good time to be a Spanish bank.

BBVA, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, is a Spanish banking group with its origin in the 1800’s. It has gone through a number of mergers and evolutions over the years to reach its current corporate form. The company has a massive proportion of its business operations in Spanish speaking countries and has a presence in 40+ countries around the globe.

Traders have enjoyed this stock over recent years as the dual pressures of being in the financial services sector and being Spanish have put downward pressure on the share price. Share prices have fallen from above $14 to below $4, with the price currently sitting at around $7 (Jan 2013). Trade volumes have been up greatly over recent years, as share price predictability has been made easier by the clarity of the forces acting upon it.

BBVA in the stock market

BBVA can be found on both the New York Stock and the Bolsa de Madrid stock exchanges under ticker BBVA. The company also contributes to the IBEX 35.

BBVA will be looking to increase their presence in overseas markets over the coming years and there will be interesting opportunities to trade. BBVA Online Trading traders should keep their eyes focused on the Spanish debt crisis as this group is heavily exposed in Spain.

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