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Best stocks for 2016: Promising stocks for investment in 2016.

Best Stocks for 2016

Promising stocks for investment in 2016

The project investing is forecasted to be a new trend for investment in 2016. Of course, investors do not invest their money just in a project itself — they invest in the project teams and their breakthrough ideas. For an investor it is important to be certain that the entrepreneur will be able to achieve those results, which are expressed at the stage of attracting investment. Partners of the Andreessen Horowitz venture Fund talk about the areas that may be most attractive for investment in 2016.

Virtual Reality: «Nowadays the technology of virtual reality (VR) development is approximately at the same level at which were first films, — says an American Internet entrepreneur and investor, partner at Andreessen Horowitz venture capital Fund, Chris Dixon.— No one knew how to write scripts, how to shoot, how to do the installation. But over time, the certain rules of how to create the whole picture were formed. Something similar will happen to VR over the next decade." This comment csn be a good explanation why VR is in the top of best stocks for 2016.

Sensor technologies development and enterprises modernization: Founder and former CEO of IronPort Systems Scott Weiss considers that the sensors will become "icons" to information or action that you want to get or perform at a certain time in a certain place.

The Machine learning and Big Data: According to the former senior Vice President of Citrix Peter Levine, these research areas are related to each other. So far, we were at the stage of big data accumulation. And right now that is the point, which has to be deeply analyzed. The next step will be the construction of prediction models based on the revealed regularities.

The full cycle start-ups : Previously the purpose of the startups was the creation of the technology and its sale to major market participants. Either the technology or the licenses to use it were sold. As an example, take a look on Apple and Microsoft. The latter makes only a part of the final product: creates operating systems and applications, while hardware is manufactured by other partners. Also some others are in charge of selling the final product. As for Apple, the company itself creates the operating system, designs the hardware and sells the final product. The full start-up cycle is good because it does not require support of the large industry player. That’s why the process of adopting a new technology by the end user is easier and this is considered to be one of best stoks in 2016.

Safety: The security area is in good shape today due to two factors: the emergence of new online and mobile platforms and irresistible craving scams for profit. Both factors stimulate development of new technologies, sets of technologies and the emergence of new types of companies.

Bitcoin and the blockchain: And the final candidate of best stocks for 2016 is considered to be Bitcoin. Scientist and Internet entrepreneur, co-founder of a startup 21 Inc. Balaji Srinivasan notes that in recent years we have observed the adoption of bitcoin to traditional financial institutions. It's safe to say that this trend will be continued. Technologies that allow the use of cryptocurrencies for payments, international transfers and other transactions can be favorably compared to existing traditional banking methods for transactions making.


By Chieffinancing 25.07.2016

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