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How to trade BHP Billiton

The mining industry is an interesting way to indirectly trade on commodities. Commodity prices are not the only factors involves in mining and extraction stocks though. Natural disasters, logistics, management competence, financial reports and industry news can all affect the share price (as well as a lot more). One company that is a preferred choice for many online trading traders is BHP Billiton.

BHP Billiton operates in the oil and gas industry and is the biggest organization on the globe when measured by revenues. Its current organizational form was established through the merger of Australian Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd and Anglo-Dutch Billiton Plc. It is now headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with a major office in London, UK.

The company was initially affected by the 2008 downturn, however, after a quick recovery, the price has been steady at around $2000. Trade volumes are excellent and day traders can find through BHP an opportunity to generate regular profits. Some traders that specialize in this stock are able to make excellent decisions primarily through understanding and trading the chart patterns. There is a good deal of correlation between the Dow Jones Index and the share price of BHP Billiton.

BHP Billiton in the stock market

BHP Billiton is featured on the New York Stock Exchange (BHP), the London Stock Exchange (BLT) and the Australian Stock Exchange (BHP).

BHP Online Trading traders will often choose to trade a number of oil and gas assets and understand their particular space in the industry. This can provide an opportunity to find numerous spots to get ones stake down with predictive power over price fluctuation. Traders must ensure they remember to diversify their investment portfolio and not put all of their capital investment essentially in the same place at the same time.

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