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How to trade BP

Oil is perhaps one of the commodities that are most influenced by supply and demand. The mere hint of news that a recession is on the horizon can send the markets into turmoil and the price of oil plummeting. News around the US Debt Fiscal cliff talks in December 2012 saw the price of oil react in accordance with the sentiment regarding the talks.

British Petroleum, the London-based gas and Oil Company, has a global presence. Its main activities include oil exploration and production, refineries, marketing and logistics, trading, generation of power and petrochemicals. The company has made a special effort to invest in and research renewable energy.

There have been a number of notable news stories over recent years. Chief amongst them was the Gulf of Mexico oil spillage for which BP set aside a $20billion compensation fund. The company is a giant and continues to make vast sums from the black gold. With the price of oil set to increase amidst continuous demand increases the company is sure to post profits for years to come.

BP in the stock market

BP is traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under the ticker BP, and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), also under BP.

The energy sector provides an interesting place for BP Online Trading traders to ply their trade. BP has over 20,000 service stations around the globe and is constantly reporting profits, anticipated profits and news on the success of their activities. The media are also hungry for stories about the company, giving BP a strong media presence. Traders can choose to trade BP through either technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or better still a combination of the two. The volume and volatility in BP shares makes the asset an excellent one from which to derive regular BP Online Trading profits.

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