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Bridgestone Corp trading

How to trade Bridgestone Corp

Bridgestone Corp trading has performed amazingly well over the last 5 years, despite the economic turmoil the world has endured. This manufacturer of car and truck parts has seen share price growth of around 90% since 2008. With many other stocks losing this amount in the same period the stock has far drastically outperformed the market, and expert opinion is that it will continue to do so as economic growth picks up around the world.

Bridgestone Corporation is based in Japan. It was established in 1931 as Japan attempted to be less dependent on outside companies due to the tension building up pre WW2. In 2005 the company had over 140 manufacturing facilities in 24 countries around the globe. The company has been aggressive in its expansion. It has taken the highly successful strategy of partnering with car manufacturers throughout the world. It has also enhanced its brand through association with Formula One.

Bridgestone Corp in the stock market

Bridgestone Corp trading stock is found on the Tokyo SE with the ticker 5108. It has been listed since 1961. online trading traders can enjoy strong price fluctuations by trading this stock. Daily changes can be as much as 10%. Research should be focused on market development, innovation, competition and the Japanese YEN. The YEN can complicate trades in Japanese stocks as it can be manipulated by Central Bank of Japan intervention. A week YEN tends to aid Japanese exports.

With forecasts for the continuation of the positive performance of Bridgestone Corp stock traders can find a rare opportunity to trade a buoyant stock. There are plenty of news sources and reports available to educate yourself on this stock. An appropriate combination of quality fundamental and technical analysis will provide the basis for good trading decisions.

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