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Beginner guide

Choosing an Options broker

When you decided to start options trading you will face an issue of choosing an options broker to support your efforts. On our website you can find a whole section dedicated to selection of the best options brokers to suit all of your needs and wants. But, anyways, the most important things about choosing an options broker are its impeccable history and reputation, licensing by proper European regulatory bodies, such as CySec, variety of trading tools and ease of deposits and withdrawals.

Best options brokers

When you have made a short list of the best options brokers with which you may have business, you should look at their promotions page. Many reputable companies offer a variety of incentives for opening an account with them. It can be a deposit bonus and/or risk-free trades to start of your trading smoothly. Depending on your deposit amount options brokers can match your investment up to 100%. Meaning the company doubles your cash just because you chose them! Amazing and unique offer incomparable to any other financial markets.

Options Brokers

Some of the best firms can offer up to 5 first risk-free trades to newbie traders as well. Actually, the best offer that can be found up to date guarantees that the company will refund you 100% of your unprofitable trades, and if your trades are profitable it will double the gain!

Of course, as with any other promotion there are some rules to be followed. The usual requirement is that if you decide to receive a bonus its amount should be traded around 30 times, depending on the options broker rules. So if you are in a hurry or worry about your deposit, then do not agree to any bonuses. But if you are sure of your options broker and options trading is your long term money-making strategy, as it should be, then bonuses are to be accepted, as it minimizes risks if your investments go wrong due to inexperience or an other adverse situations.

Finally, choosing a options broker, remember that there are many other offers out there, such as Refer-a-Friend bonus or second deposit bonuses. Just check with your options broker for details, as great deals come and go quickly!

Please find out in the table below what Educational Tools each broker can offer you for Beginner Level