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Citigroup Online Trading

How to trade Citigroup

Citigroup operates in the financial services sector and has bases in 140 countries. It employs over 260,000 people, making it the largest financial services network in the world.

Online trading traders have enjoyed engaging with finance companies over the years. Citigroup Online Trading provides the opportunity to make massive profits during downward trends as well as positive markets. Between 2008 and 2009 trading Citigroup stock price plummeted from above $250 a share to well below $50. Since then the charting has been fairly horizontal but fluctuations have been constant.

Citigroup’s long and illustrious history dates back to 1812, when the New York State chartered the City Bank of New York. In 1965 the name changed to the National City Bank of New York, and in 1895 it was officially the biggest bank in the US. The company has always been innovative and was the first in the US to offer savings with compound interest, personal loans on an unsecured basis, consumer checking accounts and other banking tools.

Citigroup was formed in its current organizational shape through the 1998 merger of Citicorp and Travelers Group ( $140billion merger). At the time this made Citigroup the biggest financial services company in the world.

Citigroup in the stock market

The financial crisis of 2008 hit Citigroup hard. The US government had to bail the bank account. Stabilization measures have managed to get the group back on track. It remains one of the big four in America alongside J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and BOA.

From a trading perspective, Citigroup is listed on a number stock exchanges including those in Japan, Mexico, and the US. The main listing is on the New York Stock Exchange, with the ticker C. It is also a crucial component of the S&P 500 market index.

Online trading traders can find excellent opportunities through price fluctuations of Citigroup shares. It is a company that has been through a storm and come out the other end. It does still have the appearance of some fragility though, which reflects in the price movement when the news are published.

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