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Cryptocurrency Trading

Over the past three years, Cryptocurrency trading has gained a lot of popularity due to its volatility in the Crypto market, look at trading Bitcoin for instance, it has risen from just 0,003-cent to almost $20,000. This hike in trading Bitcoin price, has made it the most important trading currency in history. Cryptocurrency trading differs in volume and price every single second, and in order for traders to take advantage of this haven, they have got to open an eWallet with one of the trusted Crypto brokers that they have faith in.

Brokers have changed their trading course motivated by the growth of the Crypto market industry and added Cryptocurrency trading to their platforms for clients who are willing to dive in the Crypto market.

Up to date, the most popular type of trading Cryptocurrency is trading Bitcoin, with over 23% of the Crypto market volume. Trading Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic system and is entirely decentralized. Every type of trading Cryptocurrency has its own essence and way of trading. Alongside of trading Bitcoin, comes trading Ethereum which is considered the second most important Cryptocurrency.

There are two ways for trading Cryptocurrency in the Crypto market, either with an exchange or with Crypto brokers.

An exchange is the platform that allows to buy and sell Cryptocurrency. Most of the exchanges are not regulated, due to the fact that they are still new and are not able to legalize their activity yet. To find the best exchange for trading Cryptocurrency, traders should look for the ones that are regulated and provide transparent data. Cryptocurrency can be bought and sold at an exchange and stored in digital wallets.

How to Find the Best Crypto Brokers?

The second way to invest in the Crypto market is with regulated brokers. On account of the diversity in the trading Cryptocurrency market brokers, choosing the right Crypto broker is a bit confusing for traders. Look at the following features that good brokers should have:

Traders should look for Crypto brokers that are regulated in order to ensure that their funds are safe and secure in the Crypto market;

A good customer service support goes a long way with the trading Cryptocurrency process;

Multiple accounts options, competitive spreads and easy deposits/withdrawals;

A wide selection of trading Cryptocurrency pairs;

An easy to use platform that offers advanced analytical, technical and trading instruments to enhance experience.

Check the table below to find the best Crypto brokers:

In the table below please see the comparison of all the brokers according to the main parameters