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Deutsche Telekom Trading

How to trade Deutsche Telekom

Online trading is available in a wide range of stocks. In the telecoms industry companies such as QUALCOMM, France Telecom, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom provide interesting avenues to research and profit.

Deutsche Telekom was founded in 1996 and quickly had a massive market share of internet provision in Germany. They now provide broadband, landline and mobile telephone solutions, digital TV and networking solutions globally. They serve both retail and corporate clients. Their award, in 2012, of the contract to service over 80,000 British Petroleum employees with a cloud messaging service demonstrates their capacity and strength of reputation.

Deutsche Telekom in the Stock Market

Deutsche Telekom is found on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with the ticker DTE. It is also a part of the DAX 30.

Online trading traders often specialize in a single sector to enable them to focus their research. The telecoms sector provides an ideal opportunity to profit from the competition, new product launches and innovations that are constantly occurring in the sector. Deutsche Telekom stock afford both the volume and daily volatility to enable successful day Deutsche Telekom trading on the stock.

Online trading traders should watch out for telecoms reforms and regulations as they trade in the market. New product innovations and geographical penetration will provide ideal opportunities for traders looking for fundamental reasons to trade.

With the listing on the DAX online trading traders can either choose to use their research into Deutsche Telekom stock as a part of their research into the DAX index, or they can trade the stock in isolation. Either way, there is plenty of news available on the FT, Bloomberg and in the German markets about the telecoms sector and Deutsche Telekom itself.

Interested in how to trade Deutsche Telekom in the stock market?

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