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Disney Online Trading

How to trade Disney

Walt and Roy Disney set up Disney as a family company, in 1923. They quickly established a reputation as a leading animation company. Disney has produced many notable characters, such as Mickey Mouse. They have diversified into new areas including filmmaking, theme parks and memorabilia.

The New York Stock Exchange lists Disney stock with the ticker DIS. Is also featured as part of the Dow Jones industrial average and S & P 500 marketing mix.

The company is constantly innovating and looking for ways to diversify their income sources. Over the years they’ve done a great job of staying ahead of their competitors. With so much interest and news about the company they are an ideal opportunity for online trading traders to make profits.

Disney in the stock market

Online trading traders are always looking for volume and volatility in the assets they choose to trade. The Disney stock price has performed remarkably well through the recession. It has shown gradual upward climb, after a temporary fall in 2008 from $50-$20 a share. In fact since way back in 1962 the company has kept on performing and is now at around its highest price ever.

The daily price chart demonstrates a good amount of fluctuation for day traders to enjoy. The volume of trading is high. There are frequent bullish trends, reversals and consistent predictability in chart patterns. Traders interested in Disney trading certainly can make fantastic returns by understanding the logic behind these price movements.

Disney's 52-week range is 38.38 to 53.40 and the average three-month volume is 8,935,310 (Jan 2013).

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