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eBay Online Trading

How to trade eBay

Online shopping has become more important in recent years. The Christmas sales figures always provide a good indication of how much of a shift there has been from the high street to online retail. Recent years have shown the online trend increasing apace.

eBay is probably one of the most influential retailers in the online space. Established in 1995, it is now a global multimillion-dollar organization with locations in 30+ countries. eBay is consistently diversifying and is an interesting choice for online trading traders.

eBay has already moved into money transfers, through their acquisition of PayPal, and also into online ticketing. Their core activity of the auction listing website continues to see innovations that drive it on and keep it streets ahead of the competition.

eBay in the stock market

eBay stock is found on the NASDAQ exchange, under eBay. eBay is also a constituent of the S&P 500 market index and the NASDAQ 100.

The brand’s stock price has seen some turbulence over the years. Since 1998 there have been several peaks and troughs. The 52-week average is 29.89 to 54.20 and the volume average over the last three months is 10,125,800. People who are interested in eBay stock tend to also be interested in Amazon, Google, Yahoo and other technology-based stocks.

eBay is both a retail and a technology company. The seasonal nature of retail means that traders must understand how sales figures at different times of the year will affect the stock. There is plenty of news, reviews, and reports released about eBay stock on a regular basis, and these all provide excellent opportunities to trade online trading. The daily price movements are often volatile, and again traders can find opportunities to trade short timeframes by analyzing and assessing the chart patterns in conjunction with any relevant eBay online trading news.

Looking for how to trade eBay in the stock market ?

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