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EUR/GBP online trading

It used to be the case that retail currency traders were limited to trading Forex Exchanges. Forex is still the most popular platform for currency pairings but retail traders are increasingly moving to online trading as their preferred medium to drive high profits. The EUR/GBP currency pair relationship is frequently featured on online trading platforms.

EUR GBP currency pair

Britain chose to join the European Union but not the Euro currency. Ever since then there have been interesting trading opportunities between the two currencies. The British economy is intrinsically linked to that of the Eurozone by nature of its proximity, trade relationships and shared Euro politics. However, it is a unique economy based largely on Financial Services and very distinct from the diversity of the Eurozone.

The Eurozone is a blend of strong and weaker economies, numbering 23 countries. Germany, Holland and to a certain extent France help support the lesser economies. Problems with Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Greece have been the defining characteristic of Eurozone policy and productivity over recent years. The Zone has experienced a great deal of uncertainty and it seems requires strong leadership in order to pull together the conflicting demands of such a diverse region.

EUR/GBP Online Trading brokers

The online trading traders must understand the points of similarity and the distinctions between the two economies (British and Eurozone). The high over the last ten years was .978 and the low .653. The current level is .833 (Mid Jan 2013). There is lots of volatility of EUR/GBP currency pair and traders should be mindful of a wide variety of reports and news sources during their trading activities.

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