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EUR/USD online trading

Trading EUR/USD

Trading EUR USD currency pair can be highly profitable. Entering the markets through Forex trading has been a popular option over recent years. You only have to turn the television on to be bombarded by adverts for Forex trading. Currencies do not have a solid value of their own, in Forex trading terms, and are directly linked to the performance and sentiment about their economy (or zonal economy with the Euro). online trading provides an interesting way to make huge profits on an on-going basis and they are also sometimes used to hedge trades on other trading platforms.

The Eurozone has been in a bit of a mess from time to time. The sovereign debt crisis infected the region. Greece, Spain. Portugal and Italy are all experiencing hardship, several having required bailouts and severe nationwide austerity measures. Greek bonds were downgraded to “Junk status”. Only the economic powerhouse Germany retains its triple-A credit rating (Jan 2013) with all three major rating agencies. Even Germany has seen its fair of disappointment in terms of economic performance over the years.

The US economy has not faired any better than the Eurozone. 2008 saw the credit bubble finally burst and since then economic growth has been somewhat stagnant. The US is still the powerhouse of the World, officially at least, and is growing again. Again the economy is characterized by debt. American debt levels are a real worry. The US still houses some of the most influential and profitable companies in the world and is a massive consumer nation.

EUR USD currency pair

Over the last 10 years, the Euro against the US Dollar has been as high as 1.597 and as low as 1.054. It currently sits around the 1.32 level (Jan 2013). The relationship between the two currencies is quite volatile with each region experiencing its fair share of troubles. EUR/USD online trading traders can make excellent profits if they can consolidate all their analysis to identify the relative strength of the two economies. Technical analysis is a vital key to successful trading on EUR USD currency pair.

EUR/USD online trading brokers

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