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Europe economy news: Overview of top upcoming economic European news.

Europe Economy News

Above all in 2016 investors will find the market dramatically changing. The significant changes may happened soon in the French telecommunication market. These secretive changes have been reported by reliable foreign media sources.

To clarify, on the 5th January 2016 Orange Company has resumed talks on the redemption of Bouygues Company. However, the Orange Company states that they are engaged only in a thorough review of all major areas of the French telecommunication market. So it’s better for us to wait, but there is a definite reason to speculate that the stocks of the above-mentioned companies may see a surge in the upcoming year.

But there is no official information about the essence of the negotiations between those companies. But the Bouygues Company has commented that it has signed that confidential agreement because "it is interested in opportunities that would enable it to bolster its long-term presence in the telecoms sector".

Europe Economy News: Migration problems

In another part of Europe, German economy is globally under threat because of the migrant crisis. Chancellor Angela Merkel is promising to return the migrants to their home after the end of crisis. But the economy is under great pressure to cope with over 1.1 million refugees and all of the major indicators are falling. Taking into account that Germany has been the leading force of the EU for some time, it may cause uncertain future for the Euro.

The UK and EU are crunching numbers and plan a reform deal that will once and for all change the trade relations between these two. The major talking points are boosting competitiveness of local markets, ensuring the protection of the UK market and currency related talks. If David Cameron, the UK prime-minister, is able to secure the deal, then there is a strong point for Great Britain to stay within Europe. If not then the British Pound may see a large fall in value and depreciation compared to all major currencies. This is a definite point to watch for in the year 2016.

At the same time in Switzerland opened an investigation about misappropriation of $4B funds by the 1MDB fund. This can have a major negative influence on respectability of Swiss funds, as well as Malaysian economy, whose funds have, namely, disappeared.

Europe Economy News: Prediction

Finally, the European economy is expected to have a turbulent year, because of the second phase of the crisis that is about to hit the world after the first one in 2008. The major points for this development are the ongoing immigration crisis that hit the Eurozone with border closures; inflation that may hit the Euro currency; stagnant employment market with some countries already seeing a drastic decrease; nonperforming banks that see their loans not being repaid, rocky stock markets that see regulars people's money disappear and increasing government regulation that is limiting possibilities for investment; wars between corporations and governments on tax issues, Google and Starbucks being the headliners; Greek problem, among a number of other countries that have difficulties paying off their large sovereign debts and many other major and minor issues that will lead to major problems with Euro and European stock-market.

By Chieffinancing 25.07.2016

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