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Facebook Online Trading

How to trade Facebook

The online space provides fantastic opportunities for online trading traders to engage with stocks that are constantly innovating and diversifying their revenue streams. Facebook is extremely popular. Many of us engage with the social platform in our daily lives. We understand what the company does, and are attracted to it when it comes to trading. This is similar to the way many of us are keen to trade eBay, Google, Apple and Yahoo stocks. We like to trade stocks we understand, especially when we are new to online trading. Becoming an expert is much easier when we begin with a level of knowledge.

Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Dustin Moskovitz. The Social Media platform was first released to Harvard students, then Ivy League schools, high schools and some notable companies, such as Microsoft and Apple. September 2006 saw the company go public. Since then the company has seen its user base reach 900 million. With increasing revenue streams, and undoubted influence in the online space, Facebook stock shares are an interesting opportunity for online trading traders to engage with a new stock. The middle of May 2012 saw the first Initial Public Offering by Facebook.

Facebook in the stock market

Facebook stock can be found on the NASDAQ market index (FB). Facebook has a massive media presence and part to play in our daily lives. There are still many unknowns about what will happen with the stock though. 2011 saw privacy concerns lead to 7 million North American accounts being deactivated. Income streams are still evolving. How long will the company retain its grip on our lives and its ability to succeed?

The company has seen dips in prices from its current $32 level to $18. Facebook stock is fairly fragile, making for excellent volatility and volume. online trading traders certainly can find in Facebook a stock that has the potential to make them a lot of money.

Want to know how to trade Facebook in the stock market?

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