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Fiat Online Trading

How to trade Fiat

The automobile industry provides online trading traders with numerous stocks on which to trade. One can opt for Daimler AG, BMW or Fiat stock for example. This sector is certainly appealing for those traders looking for an interesting manufacturing based retail market to research.

The constant innovations in the car industry, the possibility of entry to new geographical markets, and the fierce competition, all add up to an environment that promotes stock volatility and trader interest. Fiat was established in 1899 and was primarily manufacturing train engines, military vehicles, aircraft and carriages in the early days. During the year of 1908 Fiat exported their first car to the United States and the success of their US invasion and Italian sales quickly established them as the biggest car producer in Italy; a status that they have retained until today.

Fiat has operations in Poland, Brazil, and Argentina and of course Italy. They are the 9th largest car manufacturer in the world. They have increasingly been upping their stake in Chrysler and are now a majority shareholder with 61.8% (level at July 2012). Fiat has been aggressive in its attempts to beat the financial crisis.

Fiat in the Stock Market

It is moving into the higher end of the automobile industry and is looking to continue its acquisition focus. online traders should look at the company strategy and results, sales figures and profits, and the overall automobile industry in order to understand the Fiat stock trends. A look at the five-day chart tends to show steep bearish and bullish trends, providing ideal conditions for knowledgeable online trading traders to generate high profits if they get their timing right.

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