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France Telecom Online Trading

How to trade France Telecom

Online trading affords traders the opportunity to generate high payouts with minimal capital investment. Traders must take a conviction position on the stocks, commodities, indices or currencies that they are trading. Therefore, there must be appropriate market conditions of volume and volatility for trading to be advisable. The telecoms sector is extremely competitive, full of uncertainty, and highly profitable. The price fluctuations of stocks such as France Telecoms provide just the conditions required by online traders to turn a profit.

France Telecom is the second largest telecoms company in the world and the largest of the European based telecoms companies. As well as being number one in France and Europe the company also operates in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States of America. Their offerings include landline and mobile telephones, broadband internet, and Internet Protocol TV.

France Telecom in the stock market

The company share price has fallen since 2008 from over $24 a share to under $9 (Jan 2013). It is one of the few stocks with trade volumes remaining consistently high over this period. The daily volatility of France Telecom stock makes it a great contender for inclusion as part of a regular day trade strategy.

The telecoms markets are complex, with constant regulatory, product, and economic influences. However, online traders that understand the market, and individual stock behaviors therein will be able to make significant profits.

France Telecom stock is listed on the Euronext Exchange and also the New York SE. It is found under the ticker FTE. It is also a contributor to the CAC 40 MI. online trading traders can, therefore, choose France Telecom trading in isolation or as part of the wider group of French Companies in the CAC 40.

Are you asking yourself how to trade France Telecom in the stock market?

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