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Fujifilm Online Trading

How to trade Fujifilm 

Online trading can be on a wide range of assets and in a wide range of geographical areas. Fujifilm is a Tokyo-based photography company with activities focused on photographic film, digital cameras and photofinishing equipment.

Fujifilm was established in 1934. After a successful expansion at home focus was turned to overseas markets from the 1950’s. With the new digital age the company has concentrated on digital products over recent years. Compared to its longtime competitor, Eastman Kodak, Fujifilm has respond and adapted well to the new technological world. A look at the Kodak share price over the last 5 years tells a horror story of a fall from $20+ per share to 18 cents per share.

Fujifilm have had major challenges over recent years too. They have been on a roller coaster ride as they battle with the new demands of the market amidst a highly challenging economic climate. Volatility in the stock is certainly high. online trading traders looking to trade in Fujifilm trading should look for opportunities where there is good volume. They should also look to the situation in Japan for the political and economic context. It looks likely that Fujifilm will need to break into the smartphone market somehow as the digital camera market is currently losing out to the increasing sophistication and capacity of the phones produced by the likes of Apple, HTC, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Motorola.

Fujifilm in the stock market

Fujifilm stock is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange with the ticker 4901. Online trading traders therefore should look to the trading hours in Japan if they wish to build Fujifilm stock into their research and trading portfolio.

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