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GBP/JPY online trading

Currency trading is very popular on online trading platforms. It provides the opportunity to assess and judge the relative strengths of two currencies and make profits from the correct analysis. The GBP JPY currency pair is an interesting one. It is highly volatile and brings together two of the most influential nations on the world stage. Trading this pairing is generally considered to be best for the more experienced traders due to the interesting relationship the YEN has with its economy.

Great Britain has historically been an important world economy. Although this status is somewhat diminished the British Pound remains a strong and popular currency around the world. Britain was massively affected by the credit crunch of 2008. Recession followed, as with most of the world, and there have been years of recovery measures put in place. Austerity measures introduced by the Conservative Government were put in place to get debt under control and probably salvaged the Triple-A rating (Jan 2013). The UK economy strength is indicated by the FTSE 100 and FTSE Futures.

GBP/JPY Currency Pair

Japan is the 3rd Largest economy in the world, after the US and China. It has become a powerhouse manufacturer of electronics and automobiles, both of which are exported to all corners of the word in vast quantities. The Japanese reliance on exports means that the world economy can hinder performance. However, exports are somewhat diversified around the world. The Japanese YEN is most useful to the economy when it is low, as a low YEN keeps exports ultra-competitive. Traders should be wary of the relationship the YEN has with its economy, and of Central Bank interventions.

The ten-year high in this currency pairing was 250 and the low 117. The current level is around 142 (Jan 2013).

Trading GBP/JPY

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