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GBP/USD Online Trading

Trading currency has been a popular choice for online trading beginners and experts alike. Many traders have transferred from the realm of Forex Trading to online trading, attracted by the high rewards and controllable risk. The GBP USD currency pair online trading is one of the most traded of any through all platforms. The relationship between the currencies moves in relation to the relative strength of the economies.

The British Pound has remained a strong favorite with currency traders despite the drop off in the UK economy. The UK has historically been a strong contributor to the World economy, but nowadays the main focus is on financial services. It is the 6th largest in the world when viewed in terms of nominal GDP. online trading traders of the GBP will know that the currency is heavily affected by the Eurozone. Although Britain chose to opt out of the Euro they are in the European Union. Currency traders look to indicators like GDP, growth projections, unemployment figures and inflation in their analysis of the economy.

The US was the epicenter of the shockwave that has circled the world from October 2008. The financial crisis started in the US and like a cold was caught by just about every nation around the world. The US is on the path to recovery but the economic climate has resulted in increased attention on debt levels. The American economy is largely driven by the technology, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. The US will for many years require a fine balancing act between economic growth and debt reduction.

GBP USD currency pair

The GBP USD currency pair has a ten-year high level of 2.11 and a low of 1.36. It is currently at 1.60 (mid-January 2013). The pairing is an interesting place for online trading traders to play their trade. There is always loads of information being released by governments and in the media that provide trading opportunities. It is possible for good technical analysts to trade short online trading and make substantial profits by trading GBP/USD pairing.

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