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Goldman Sachs Online Trading

 How to trade Goldman Sachs

The financial services sector has become massively important to the world economy. Around 97% of all money that is spent, or held, is done so digitally. online trading traders spend their time looking at price movements and fluctuations and making predictions about what will happen in the markets. The British economy is massively dependent on their financial services sector working predominantly out of London.

Goldman Sachs Group is a worldwide financial services firm, headquartered in the US. It provides a range of financial services including investment banking, merger, and acquisition consultancy, asset management and brokerage services. Their main activities involve high-value transactions and big clients.

Marcus Goldman established Goldman Sachs way back in 1869, in New York. Sachs was added to the name when his son-in-law, Samuel Sachs, became part of the business in 1882. Initially, the company specialized in helping with initial public offerings [IPOs]. They worked on the IPO of Sears, Roebuck, and company in 1906, one of the biggest in history. Goldman Sachs was one of the early companies to recruit Masters of Business Administration graduates from the top US universities. Notable employees included Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The quality recruitment focus, and excellent offering has helped them be highly successful on the world stage.

Goldman Sachs in the stock Market

Goldman Sachs stock can be traded on many online trading broker platforms. The company can be found listed on the New York Stock Exchange with ticker GS. It is also a major component of the S & P 500 market index.

Although trade volumes in Goldman Sachs stock are way down on what they were a few years back, there is still plenty of volume and volatility for traders to benefit from. As a finance company macroeconomic news certainly has a large impact on the Goldman Sachs trading stock price.

Do you know how to trade Goldman Sachs in the stock market?

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