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Google Online Trading

How to trade Google

Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world. It is a household name used by consumers on a daily basis. It has penetrated our consciousness and as a brand is synonymous with the Internet nowadays. Indeed, rarely has a brand gained such massive market share of such a large audience; the Internet search audience.

Google was established in 1996. It began at Stanford University as a research project for Larry Page and Sergey Bern. The initial project focus was the establishment of a universal digital library. In 1998 funding was received for a commercial enterprise and in 2004 Google got its initial public offering. Google is an innovator and has expanded beyond merely being a search company. It now provides images, maps, translation and even recently entered the smartphone market. Critics and the public alike loved the Google Nexus 4 phone, made in collaboration with LG. Their entry into the smartphone market, with the established foundation of the Android platform, looks set to catapult the company still further into our lives.

Google in the Stock Market

Google stock can be found on the NASDAQ stock exchange, under the ticker GOOG. Price fluctuations over the last five years or so have been consistently volatile. The nature of technology stock tends to be this way. News and innovations are consistently hitting the price and causing bullish and bearish breakouts.

The Google trading price sits at over $720 (Jan 2013). Back in 2009 the level was below $300. Google stock prices move massively on a daily, weekly and annual basis. Google provides an incredible avenue for online trading brokers to specialize in a stock and trade the massive potential it offers.

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