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High-Low Options trading

How to use High-Low

High-Low options trading which are also known as Up-Down or Call-Put options, are the original way of options trading. It is based on a simple idea that a trader must only choose a direction in which the asset is going and he will receive a reward for his correct prediction up to 90% on average. High-Low options trading are core for options trading, as through it simplicity of financial investment with the help of options trading became widely known and accepted.

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While employing these easy-to-understand High-Low options trading does not require a lot of in depth explanations, I may touch upon a few things that are vital to your success. The major one is that with High-Low options you should choose a direction of your trade not on the basis of pure intuition, but on throughout analysis of current market conditions. With High-Low options in options tradingt here is no need to predict how much the price will move, it can be for a fraction of a percent or for much more, your goal is to simply state the direction for a certain period of time. Now we have reached the second issue – timing. Usually you can place a trade on a time-frame of 15 minutes to a couple of days. You should definitely take not of this as during various time periods prices can fluctuate and you should choose the most appropriate one for you with options trading brokers.