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HSBC Online Trading

How to trade HSBC

When it comes to trading online trading, traders are looking for volume and volatility. HSBC ticks both these boxes. There are many traders that make their daily living trading only HSBC shares. They watch the news from the industry, the wider economic picture, and the HSBC company releases, and understand the fundamental picture. They also study the charts, the moving averages, the candlesticks, all the trends and they look for opportunities to make successful trades.

HSBC is a British company, Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, serving over 90 million customers in 85 countries around the world. HSBC operates in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and South America. It is constantly expanding.

Sir Thomas Sutherland founded the company in 1865, in Hong Kong. In 1991 the company brought Midland Bank in the UK in a strategic move to enter the UK market, and then crack international markets. The move has proved successful. Although now headquartered in London the bank retains influence in Hong Kong and China, where it is the largest foreign bank.

HSBC in the Stock Market

The onset of the credit crunch and financial downturn in 2008 saw share prices fall from above $900 to below $400. Shares have recovered to around the $700 mark and the company is in a strong position to expand when favorable economic conditions return. The business operates in retail banking, global private banking, and investment banking and wealth management.

A look at single day and five-day HSBC stock charts shows that there are many daily opportunities to trade. Prices fluctuate on a consistent basis and online trading traders will find sufficient volatility to generate significant profits (with the right decision-making process).

HSBC stock is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) under HSBA. It is also found on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange under ticker HBC.

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