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NASDAQ 100 Online Trading

How to trade NASDAQ 100 ?

Indices are an excellent way for online trading traders to trade in a certain geographical area without being overexposed to a single stock or commodity. The NASDAQ index was established in 1985. The index was formed with two sub-indexes, one consisting of financial companies, the other consisting of companies outside the financial sector.

The index includes the top 100 companies that meet the index criteria. It consists of companies from the US, Israel, Canada, the UK and elsewhere. It is therefore not strictly a US-only index. Its nature means it is an excellent benchmark for economic performance as it combines the performance of many different sectors in a single points score.

Online trading traders will keep a keen eye on economic performance indicators such as GDP, unemployment figures, hires, Manufacturing Purchase Sentiment and analyst opinion to predict how companies are doing and are likely to do. With online trading being traded generally over very short timeframes traders are looking for changes in sentiment resulting from many sources. The companies making up the NASDAQ index are nearly all household names. They are massive companies, which operate around the globe. Due to the nature of the index, it is updated on a regular basis. Based on Net Income the top ten US companies of 2011 in descending order were:

Exxon Mobile (XON), Chevron (CVX), Apple (AAPL), JP Morgan Chase (JPM), Microsoft (MSFT), American Int’l Group (AIG), Wells Fargo (WFC), IBM (IBM), Walmart (WMT) and General Electric.

Online trading traders are able to use a variety of trade strategies when engaging with the NASDAQ index. They can put, call, place touch/no touch trades, or choose a boundary trade. The volatility of the US economy and the debt crisis has lead to a great deal of uncertainty in the markets. The forthcoming years look set to be filled with volatility, volume and profits for those that can do effective technical analysis.

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