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Nike Online Trading

How to trade Nike

Trends in the world are increasing the tendency for men and women to strive for a healthy lifestyle. Over the last decade or so health clubs have sprung up left right and center. With this trend obviously comes the requirement for sporty clothing, equipment, and footwear. Nike has built an enviable reputation in the sport apparel world.

The company was renamed Nike in 1978, but was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports back in 1964. From humble beginnings, with Philip Knight and Bill Bowerman marketing athletic products at track meetings, the company has become a worldwide household name. The company headquarters are still in Oregon, where the company initially began. The brand is valued at over $10 billion.

Nike in the Stock Market

Nike stock is on the New York Stock Exchange, under NKE. It is also a major component of the S&P 500 market index.

Nike’s success has enabled them to acquire many of their competitors over the years. Some of these acquisitions have been successful, and some less so. Successes and failures have characterized the history of Nike. It has by no means been smooth sailing all the way. However, their brand identity, with the swoosh logo, has always held strong. October 2012 saw the decision to sell Umbro, a previous acquisition. Cole Hann looks set to be sold in the middle of 2013. Nike has announced that they want to concentrate on their core lines, hence the sale of their less successful subsidiaries.

The healthy living market is one that has certainly been buoyant. No doubt Nike will wow the public with more new product launches and will try to rekindle the buzz around the brand; a buzz that was somewhat reduced by media clamor about child labor and poorly paid foreign staff. Online trading traders should look at the sale of subsidiaries and the strength of the brand to judge the relative force of price fluctuations as news and product launches emerge. Becoming attuned to how Nike stock price movements fluctuate will provide a profitable trading avenue for any online trading trader.

Do you know how to trade Nike in the stock market ?

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