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Nikkei Online Trading

How to trade Nikkei?

Trading stocks can represent a significant risk as the factors determining performance can change very quickly. Individual stocks can lose several points in an instant as a financial statement is assimilated by the markets, a new geographical market entry is announced, or a board member changes. Market Indices provide a more diversified way to trade, reflecting more macro conditions and less influenced by operational events of companies. One index that is extremely popular with online trading traders is the Nikkei Market Index.

The Nikkei 225 (日経平均株価 Nikkei heikin kabuka?, 日経225), normally known as just the Nikkei, is the Index for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It represents the top 225 companies on the Exchange. It works in a very similar way to the Dow Jones in that it is a price-weighted average. Since 1950 the Nikkei newspaper has been the calculators of the index. It is the most quoted index about Japan and best representative of the Japanese economy as a whole. With Japan being such an important world economic power the index is frequently seen in a featured slot on Bloomberg TV, and attracts massive trade volume.

With the Nikkei updated every 15-seconds online trading traders can enjoy excellent chart-based analysis and trade over the shorter online trading. There is always high volume and volatility during trading times. Traders should be mindful of time differences and choose the best times of the day to trade.

The Nikkei includes companies from the following sectors:

Foods, Automotive, Textiles and Apparel, Precision Instruments, Pulp and Paper, Other Manufacturing, Fishery, Chemicals, Mining, Construction, Trading Companies, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Oil and Coal Products, Rubber Products, Banking, Glass and Ceramics, Securities, Steel Products, Insurance, Nonferrous Metals, Other Financial Services, Machinery, Rail/Bus, Other Land Transport, Marine Transport, Air Transport, Electric Machinery, Warehousing, Communications, Electric Power, Gas, Services and Shipbuilding.

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Online trading brokers should be aware that the Nikkei is heavily influenced by natural disasters. The recent Earthquakes caused massive drops.

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