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How to use Trading Instruments

The most basic online trading tool is OneClick or Call/Put. With its help investors need to simply decide the direction of price movement and choose the time frame, usually ranging from 15 minutes to several hours. It has, indeed, the most easy to use online trading instruments strategy, as the choice is straightforward and returns are reaching up to 90% with some brokerage companies.

60 Seconds online trading instrument is similar to the previous one, but with one major difference. The time frame is much shorter ranging from a couple of ticks to 300 seconds. With its help your capital turnover is much higher, meaning you can increase your investment fivefold or more in a matter of minutes.

Long term online trading tool is in its essence similar to the Call/Put, but with time frames alike the stock market, where investments are made for a period of months or even years. If such a steady pace is comfortable to you, are sure to enjoy it with the majority of brokers, as the return rates are high and risks are preset.

Touch / No Touch online trading tool provides traders with a predetermined price tunnel and it is your goal to decide whether it is reached during the given time, meaning it is touched, or not no touch. It is a online trading tool for more advanced traders using technical analysis in their decision making.

Online Trading Strategy

With Ladder you are provided up to 5 price levels and traders should decide whether the price targets are reached. You can choose that one level will be breached or several depending on the chosen online trading instruments strategy. The more levels are reached the higher the reward is for you up to 1500% on certain investments.

Follow instrument provides you with an insight into very successful traders choices and trades and if you feel like lacking some knowledge, you can simply mimic their trades and gain experience in this way, as well as money.

To conclude, many brokerage companies provide various extra online trading tools to improve your trading experience and online trading instruments strategy. Please, check with your trader to acquaint yourself with them.