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Beginner guide

Options Assets

Choosing a direction of a trade seems pretty straightforward. But the variety of options assets to trade can confuse anyone: Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks and dozens of options in all of them.

Trading Assets

Trading Currencies started its online way at Forex brokerage companies. Trading this type of options assets you should take into account spreads, stop losses, stop profits, limits and many other confusing things you may forget about. With BO all of the above was eliminated for the ease of traders. You simply pick a currency pair that you prefer, like EUR/USD, and start profiting with one of such options trading assets!


Commodities offer a safer heaven for investors, because of its low-risk and low-volatility. Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper are fundamental choices of options trading assets for traders. Indices are a great tool to diversify risks as you are disseminating risks over a variety of stocks combined in a single indice you choose. Examples of such indices are S&P500 featuring 500 top US corporations, or Dow Jones listing top 30 companies in the USA. Such options assets as stocks represent any given company's prospects and its perception by the market. If you think that Apple will increase its quarterly profit, for instance, you can surely place a trade on the AAPL stock rising in the near future.

All of the mentioned options assets are popular among investors and it is up to you to decide which ones you prefer. Your tastes are sure to evolve over time, thankfully there are many options to choose from.

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