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Extras for geeks

Options Test

In this section you are given the opportunity to rate your skill-set and make it clear for yourself where you stand in the financial world of options. You will be provided with options test containing a set of 20 questions for each of the three levels we have developed to provide you with an understanding of what basic, intermediate and advanced knowledge you should posses in order to invest and bring in constant profit. Isn't that the primary issue for all traders?

Options Educational Material

All of the questions are designed on the basis of our options educational material and if you pass the basic options test with a score of 20/20 you will be forwarded to the nest level. If by any chance you make a mistake, then you will receive a complete explanation of the issue at hand with a link to the corresponding learning options educational material to boost your knowledge. So don't wait and make options test of your skills right now!

Please find out in the table below what Extra Educational Tools each broker can offer you