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Qualcomm Online Trading

How to Trade Qualcomm

The telecoms sector has gone from strength to strength over the last decade. Gone are the days where communication is slow and inefficient. Nowadays we communicate around the globe at amazing speeds and affordable prices. Many telecoms companies can be traded on online platforms. One such company is QUALCOMM.

The company was established in, 2005, by Prof. Irwin Jacobs, Andrew Viterbi, Adelia Coffman, Frank Antonio, Klein Gilhousen, Harvey White and Andrew Cohen. The company initially developed a messaging and location satellite system for trucking. Then in 1990 Qualcomm released the OmniTRACS satellite service and shortly after further innovations followed.

The company has a history of partnerships with companies in the technology industry. Nortel have been a significant partner and the symbiotic relationship formed has been truly win/win. News of such partnerships great for online traders to research and profit from.

Qualcomm in the Stock Market

Qualcomm stock are available on the NASDAQ SE under the ticker QCOM. It also features as part of the S&P 500 market index.

The company has 25 years of history innovating and building brand strength. It is a giant in the telecoms industry and remains an innovative and dynamic company. With telecoms gaining more and more importance in the fast paced world of today the company looks set to continue to thrive.

Online traders can study company reports, news releases and industry news to gain the edge in their online trades. There is certainly the volume and volatility to make substantial profits Qualcomm trading both the shorter and longer online trading available on QUALCOMM.

You know how to trade Qualcomm in the Stock Market?

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