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Regulated Options Brokers

As in any business there are some companies you can successfully work with for years, who take care of their customers and whose primary goal is that you keep business with them. For this reason your satisfaction with their services is of paramount importance. But, unfortunately, you often see firms that are trying to take advantage of you and steal your money, or provide unreliable services, data or who are very new to the market and customer support representatives are inexperienced to say the least.

If you are new to the options world, you are advised to look through our Compare Brokers section, where you can find over 50 options brokerage companies that are among the best in providing financial services. You can find the company which provides services in the language of your choosing, with customer support numbers in your home country as well as all the basic contact info you may need. It is also vital to take note of whether a given company is one of the regulated options brokers or not. The most basic necessary options regulation is provided by Cyprus through CySEC that covers all of the European Union. We should note that there are no regulated options brokers in the USA, so trading from the States can be tricky, because of government's lack of legal provisions.

Options Regulation

You can read all about your chosen brokers in our Find a Broker review section to figure out all the necessary details to make sure that your are not scammed. Our reviews are written by experienced professionals in the options sphere, who traded with these companies and can you give a unique insight in their financial operations, customer support and trading options, as no options brokerage is the same.

Finally, beware that if you base your decisions on which broker to choose, whether it will be regulated options brokers or not, solely on your intuition or advice of unknown companies, you can be faced with issues, such as withdrawal delays, incorrect market data, lack of professional customer support and even closure of company without notice. In order to avoid such unpleasant experiences, please, follow these basic guidelines, which any company must provide: options regulation by CySEC or local options regulation, at least a year of experience in the options sphere, general reputability, as well as language support, so that you do not have to trade in a foreign tongue, as it may hinder your decision-making process.

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