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Rio Tinto Online Trading

How to Trade Rio Tinto

Online trading enables skilled traders to make high profits from a variety of assets. Some traders prefer to be generalists, and trade opportunities presented by news and reports. Other traders specialize in specific sectors or individual stocks, trading fluctuations through charts and technical analysis. The metals and mining sector is an interesting arena to research and trade.

Rio Tinto was founded in 1873, and has a distinguished history of mining a variety of commodities. As well as mining copper, aluminum, iron ore, coal, diamonds and uranium, the company also refines. The company is headquartered in London but has a major operational office in Melbourne, Australia.

The company has expanded through mergers and acquisitions. The company looks set to continue this strategy, expanding existing territories and move into new areas. Online trading traders can find the volume they require to trade on a predominantly technical basis. There is also a great deal of information available for fundamental analysis. As with any mining company the price of the commodities has a great impact on the stock price.

Rio Tinto in the Stock Market

Rio Tinto and its subsidiaries are traded on both the London Stock Exchange and the Australian Securities Exchange, with the ticker RIO. It is also part of the FTSE 100 and Australian S&P/ASK 20 MI. Online traders, therefore, are able to trade Rio Tinto as part of an Index, as well as directly through the stock itself.

Daily and 5 day trade charts show that there are plenty of opportunities to trade this stock. The volatility is high. As always traders are looking for predictability in the stock. Traders should be mindful of the trade volume on the stock to ensure that price fluctuations are fully understood and are not just a temporary reflection of some heavy trader behavior.

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