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Rollover Online Trading

How to use the Rollover tool in trading

More and more online trading brokers offer their customers various functions that reduce losses and increase the chances of making money at the expense of profitable options (in the money). One such interesting feature is actively used by traders.

This feature to secure your profit is online trading Rollover. Sometimes a trade takes too much time to roll-out and you may be out of time, as the end of the trade nears and the outcome is still not clear. For this reason companies have developed another tool, online trading Rollover, which allows you to hold on to the trade for twice the period envisaged in the original. Meaning that if you placed a 15 minute investment with online trading Rollover tool your expiration time will be doubled to 30 minutes. But this comes with a price.

Rollover online trading

The average fee is 10% of the trade amount, which is close to nothing if you can prolong your trade and save your investment from failure. The most advanced brokers simply ask for 10% investment in the the same asset and wave their fee altogether.

Do not use Rollover online trading, if your trade goes against you. For example, the price falls after the unexpected news, and your trade is a loss. But you are not in a hurry to close it, hoping that the price will go back. To postpone the expiry date of the transaction, you decide to use online trading Rollover. This is a bad decision. You can lose even more. In this case it is better to cut losses and just get out of the deal.

To sum it up, besides Rollover online trading, various traders can have some other trading tools on offer, but in the essence we have listed them all. If you find anything unusual or want to share your experiences with us, feel free to contact us via email or web-form, so we can improve investors' trading experience even further.