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Sanofi Online Trading

How to Trade Sanofi Aventis

Online Trading is available on a wide variety of assets. Traders can select from commodities, currencies, indexes and stocks. Companies such as TEVA and Sanofi-Aventis represent the pharmaceutical sector on Online Trading platforms.

Sanofi SA is a French company, and the 4th biggest pharmaceutical company on the globe when measured by sales of prescriptions. The company’s core activities include R & D, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals. The products are focused on cardio, CNS, diabetes, internal medicine, thrombosis, oncology and vaccines.

Sanofi has been through several mergers and evolved into its current state by the 54,5 Billion Euro merger between Sanofi-Synthelabo and Aventis.

Sanofi Aventis in the Stock Market

The pharmaceutical industry is highly competitive. Major players are fighting for market share and the medical industry is constantly in flux as products vie for position. Regulatory requirements put pressure on operations on a consistent basis. Online Trading brokers looking to do fundamental analysis on Sanofi SA must understand the complexities of the sector in order to understand the company position within it.

Trade volumes in this stock are not as high as many other big companies. Having been listed on the Euronext Paris Exchange, under ticker SAN, since 2010, it has shown a steady share price with a few dips. Daily price changes are sufficient for day trades. The company is also listed as part of the French CAC 40, an index of top French companies. Therefore, Online Trading traders can choose to use their research into Sanofi SA to contribute to predictions about the price movement of this index, as well as to fluctuations in the company stock itself. Traders with intimate knowledge of the French market often choose to trade the CAC 40.

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