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SMS Signals

SMS signals

The most common and popular ones are SMS signals, which provide you with a handy access to broker created trading indicators and according to your account type can be free; pay-to-receive Online Trading signals, which are received either by email, text message or by phone, and are the most reliable signals, as you find a provider whose primary duty is to create and send out proper signals in a timely manner; free web-based broker Online Trading signals, are the most accessible indicators but the most unreliable ones, as a brokerage company publishes them on its official web-page for everybody to use, and they are usually of a recommendational nature; and social follow signals, which are in their essence peer-to-peer advices for trading, they are totally dependent on a publishing trader's history of profitability and ability to explain things simply.

How to use SMS signals

Indeed, Online Trading signals is a great way to ease your analysis and make your trading more straightforward. Feel free to use them at your own will and always try them out on paper before actually committing any money.

Online Trading Signals

SMS signals are the most common around the web-based community of traders. Cell-phones are always handy and information is concise and direct. For example, SMS signals would say “Place Up on EUR/USD at 1.1345 for 1 hour. Prediction close at 1.1390.” This way you can reassure yourself if you are looking at the same currency pair of your decision as being correct and make a successful investment.

SMS signals are usually sent during working days only and depending on the type of your account you can receive up to 9 signals a day. Of course, that totally depends on the market conditions and type of assets the broker provides signals for.

Finally, no Online Trading signals are fool proof, and brokerage companies inform you of that. So it is unwise to stake more than the usual amount. Stick to the 5% of bankroll rule and analyze market conditions on your own. If you are not impressed by the signal, there is no obligation on your part to blindly follow it. It is just one of the useful tools to help you trade Online Trading and does not substitute your own thinking and analysis process.