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Online Social Trading

How to use Social trading

The services offered by online trading brokers are in constant development. Examples include demo accounts, which are now available on most trading platforms, brokers and online trading simulators. Social online trading can be an important tool for online trading trading. Social commerce, also known as "online social trading" is a way for you to interact with other traders, ponders online. This system is very useful for beginners and allows you to break the isolation for the first auction.

online trading social is becoming increasingly popular. Their essence is that a highly profitable trader is allowed to showcase the execution of his traders on the brokers web-site and other traders may choose to mimic them. Beware that previous results are no guarantee of future results, so if you choose this option you would better check if the trader has a long history of successful trades or is just an upcoming lucky geek.

Online Trading Signals

Online Social Trading main idea is to share within the trading community the practices and investing ideas that have become popular and profitable. It is similar to any other social media, where the average Joe has a chance to showcase his statistics, which is provided by your brokerage company.

At the top of the list you will see the traders with most trades, their profit/loss ratio (the amount of profitable trades in relation to loosing trades) and the assets that they choose to trade, as well as the time frame. You can choose to follow all of their trades, or the ones that suit your online trading style. Please, mind that the broker does not guarantee the result of the trades as these traders are not company-employed and are just like any other trader, but with a proven track-record in social trading online.