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Technology news 2015: Overview of the best performing tech companies.

Technology News 2015

2015 has been a tough year when the stock market remained either flat or lost ground, but very few tech companies have improved their standing and made large gains on the public markets. Large companies like Google, Facebook, and Netflix created clear value for their shareholders this year due to their public market valuations.

Technology News 2015: the ten best performing tech companies of 2015.

Amazon started 2015 trading at $308 per share and the last day of trading finished more than 100% up, nearing the $676 mark. Indeed, Amazon improved its market capitalization in 2015 to $317 billion. Such success is attributed to it showing that it could generate strong revenue from its retail business.

Facebook's stock have been devaluing for quite a while. It was one of the worst IPO's in the histroy. But in 2015 it proved to the world that it is serious about going mobile, and the markets reacted in their favor. This tech stock had a 34 percent year-to-date spike, closing at $106 a share. Market cap of over $300 billion is a sure proof that it is in business for long.

Netflix is the leading company with a market cap of more than 145% in 2015. It finally started its long-awaited expansion into over 140 countries, and the market supported this move. Adjusted for a recent tech stock split, the share price rose from $46 to $122, closing with a cap of $52 billion.

Google, or Alphabet after restructuring, also had an exemplary year. The company restructured their organization in 2015, showed off the self-driving car etc. The end result was the stock's adding 40% to its valuation, closing over $768 per share. It means a market cap of $521 billion.

Microsoft seems to be finally back on track. The company went through a great deal of restructuring. And it seemed successful to investors as this tech stock gained 20% this year, closing $56 per share, with a market capitalization of $447 billion.

NVIDIA started 2015 trading at $20 and closed with a gain of 65% at $33. The chip manufacturer is now worth around 18 billion dollars.

GoDaddy is pretty much the only tech company to stay above its IPO offering price in 2015. The company did its IPO in April 2015, and gained over 30 percent, closing at $34 per share with a total market cap of $5 billion.

Adobe proved that it still going strong. Through switching to a subscription model this year it gained momentum and the company’s stock improved more than 30 percent to close at $94. The amazing market cap in 2015 is $47 billion.

Salesforce closed up 33 percent on the year. Its share at the end of the year valuated at $78 with a market cap of $51 billion.

Silicon Image is our final leader of the year. It provides semiconductors for electronics, mobile phones, PCs etc. The company also produces wireless connectivity products. The company’s shares have made a move of 52% since October 2013. And it has recently announced a split of business into 3 separate companies, which are worth investing in.

Hope our Technology News 2015 review was informative for you. Also, stay tuned for our next review, where we will highlight the best of the best predictions in tech companies sector for the year 2016.

By Chieffinancing 25.07.2016

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