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Telefonica Online Trading

How to Trade Telefonica

Online trading is traded on many different asset classes and company stocks. The telecommunications sector provides a very interesting arena for traders to ply their trade. The sector is fiercely competitive, with companies fighting for an increased share of what is an expanding consumer market. Some Online trading traders specialize in telecoms, trading companies like QUALCOMM, Franc Telecom, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica.

Telefonica is a Spanish company that was founded back in 1924. Its headquarters are in Madrid, Spain, and interestingly it was the only telephone operator in Spain until 1997. It has a presence in Europe, Latin America and the United States of America, and continues to expand operations outside of its Eurozone base.

Since 2008 the share price of Telefonica has dropped off by around 50% (Jan 2013). Much of this appears to have been driven by the sovereign debt crisis in Spain, with falloff being most significant since the debt problems manifest themselves. Trading of Telefonica has been hot, with traders seeking to profit from the company's sliding share price. Online traders, and other day traders, often find that bearish company stocks react more forcibly than bullish trends. Profits can, therefore, be more easily attained with downward and unstable companies, as price fluctuations are more predictable.

Telefonica in the Stock Market

Telefonica is the third biggest telecoms company in the world. They look set to continue their growth and expansion into new territories. Online traders should learn to combine news out of Spain, and the Eurozone, with company and industry news, to make effective predictions about the behavior of this stock. Online trading traders can find the company under ticker TEF on the New York Stock Exchange and the Bolsa de Madrid Stock Exchange.

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