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Tesco Online Trading

How to Trade Tesco

Tesco is a British Retailer with operations in 14 countries around the World. It is the market leader in grocery shopping in Malaysia, Thailand, Republic of Ireland and the UK. It is the third largest retailer in the world by revenue, and second largest by profits.

Tesco has its origin in a humble group of market stalls run by Sir Jack Cohen, back in 1919. The company opened a shop in 1928, and have expanded ever since. Over recent years, Tesco has expanded into electronics, clothing and financial services. The increased diversity of their offering has certainly provided stability during difficult economic times. The increased focus on smaller “Express stores” has also fueled growth and increased stability.

Tesco in the Stock Market

The Tesco share price has ridden the wave of recession and economic crisis incredibly well. There have been dips but the price has generally rebounded strongly. Trade volumes have increased, and Online trading traders have been able to gain excellent profits from the Tesco stock price. Tesco can be found on the London Stock Exchange with ticker TSCO. It is also a constituent of the FTSE 100 MI. Online trading traders can, therefore, trade the stock in isolation, or as part of the FTSE index.

Those looking to trade Tesco should keep an eye on the news related to Tesco. The company remains resilient, but dips in 2012 demonstrate that it must continue to grow and expand strategically, especially in the context of prolonged world economic instability. Traders should also understand the economies of the major countries in which Tesco operates to aid price predictions.

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