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Teva Online Trading

How to Trade Teva

When new online trading traders are looking at assets on which to trade they are often surprised to find that there are stocks, commodities, indices and currencies to choose from. Many traders begin with a currency pairing, such as USD/GBP. However, as their careers evolve they realize that specializing in a sector, or in specific company stocks, can provide a means to achieve several profitable daily trades, and can be interesting too.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is one of the foremost pharmaceutical companies in the world. Teva have operations based in Europe, North America, Latin America and headquarters in Israel. They are the biggest manufacturer of generic drugs on the planet.

Teva in the Stock Market

Teva is available on the NASDAQ stock exchange (TEVA). It also features on the NASDAQ 100. The pharmaceutical industry is fiercely competitive, with several major players vying for an increased market share in all major territories. Add to this the constant regulatory updates from each geographical region, new product launches, patent expiries, and the evolving understanding of the way our bodies work, and you have a volatile environment in which Teva has to operate. This is great for online trading traders, as it means there is always a stimulant for price fluctuation, a reversal or a breakout.

Understanding the pharmaceutical industry takes dedication and commitment. It is a complex beast. Once mastered though, Teva stock can be a profitable trading asset for online trading brokers that carry out quality research. It is possible to make regular trades on the stock as both volume and volatility are consistently available, providing suitable trade conditions.

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