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TOPIX Online Trading

How to trade TOPIX?

Indices provide a way for online trading traders to trade on a wide variety of sub-assets within a single trade. This provides a measure of “collective stability” that is not always present when trading individual stocks or commodities. The diversity of the influences on an index such as TOPIC makes it an excellent gauge of the overall state of the market and economy.

Japan is the third biggest economy in the world, after the US and China. It has built a brilliant reputation for manufacturing electronics and automobiles, and Japanese products are exported around the world. The US market is a significant export partner for Japan and US insecurity often leads to Japanese decline. The extent to which this occurs is demonstrated by the frequently high correlation between the Dow Jones and TOPIX/Nikkei.

TOPIX stands for the Tokyo Stock Price Index. It includes all companies listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and therefore has over 1600 constituent companies. Online trading traders look at overall export, economic and world trends in order to predict the price movements in the TOPIX index. Traders can place put, call, boundary or touch/no touch trades on the TOPIX index in order to achieve massive payouts.

Japanese stocks have been volatile over recent years in line with much of the rest of the world. Traders should be wary of the influence that the Japanese YEN has on the price of stocks. A weak YEN normally fuels economic performance as it facilitates extremely competitive pricing of exported products. The Japanese economy is complex so traders should research and practice before leaping in with both feet.

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