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Trading Brokers vary in many things, whether it was regulation, profit rate, location, supported languages or countries, trading platform and last but not least the customer service. How to find the best trading brokers that is going to fulfill your needs and requirements and at the same time will not scam you. It is a tough equation, especially when you know that brokers vary in Online trading brokers types such as Binaries Brokers, CFDs brokers, forex brokers, stock market trading brokers and Algo Trading Brokers.

Range of assets on hand is quite essential, as the more you can choose from, the more possibilities for profitable trades you have. There are four main categories you should consider: currencies, indices, stock market and commodities. Extensive offer in every category gives traders choice of trading times across the globe and allows to diversify their trading styles.

Do you know if this company properly regulated? Will your money be safe with it? CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) is a key regulator of brokers no matter were they binaries Brokers, CFDs brokers or forex brokers around the world. If the company is regulated by them, then you may rest assured that it is reputable and trustworthy. Account segregation is another key element any binaries broker should have. That means that your trading money is kept in a separate bank account from the company's operational funds. Then your money is safe and sound in case something goes wrong with the firm.

Online Trading

Finally, a top-notch broker should provide educational tools to aid you in your Online trading efforts. And these should be not only for beginners, but for intermediate and advanced level investors as well. A range of e-books, video tutorials, one-on-one trading sessions with professionals and reading material with strategies and market analysis should always be present if you are looking for ways to improve.

We did our best to gather the best known Online trading brokers in the market, reviewed and tested them to find the differences between them. Check the list below to find your match no matter were they CFDs brokers or Forex brokers or even stock market trading brokers.

Stock Market trading

The stock market is the place where assets such as stocks, commodities, indices and most important currency pairs are sold and bought by proper exchange or Stock market brokers.

In the table below please see the comparison of all the brokers according to the main parameters