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Coffee Online Trading

Coffee is considered to be one of the most popular drinks in the world, and according to the last statistics, approximately 2.7 billion cups are being consumed on a daily basis.

Brazil has the leading position in the export of coffee and controls 33% of the production and export volume in the world, in addition to Vietnam, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Mexico, which are the most popular coffee exporters in the world.

Coffee had first appeared in the 9th century in the city of Akafa in Ethiopia and at the beginning, it didn't taste well and was even forbidden in Egypt and Turkey. But then, over the time, the popularity of coffee increased up till it has become the most popular drink in the world. National Day of coffee began to be celebrated in Japan since 1983 and then had been allocated on the 29th of September. Nowadays it is celebrated in many countries.

Trading Coffee is being held in Intercontinental Exchange market (ICE), which is the global standard for Arabica Coffee. online trading traders in developing countries consider Coffee as a commodity that can be bought and sold, but on the other hand, online trading traders and prices adjusters consider it as a tradable commodity in the commodities market and ETFs.

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Coffee online trading (Arabica Class 3 washed type) are traded on daily basis. Arabica Class has production of up to 70% of the coffee produced in the world, and the other type is coffee (robusta), which is traded on the London Stock Exchange futures and options. Since 2007 it is being traded in New York Stock Exchange continental as well. Since 1970 till 2000, the coffee is the second commodity in value after crude oil, which is exported from the third world countries and is followed by sugar, cotton and other precious commodities.

According to the Composite Index of the International Organization (ICO) for trading Coffee exporting countries, headquartered in London, the monthly averages for the price of coffee in the period from 1970 to 1980 was higher than 100 cents per pound, but it fell sharply during the period from the end of the nineties and the beginning of the millennium to 47.17 cents per pound. The price dropped due to the collapse of the coffee agreement between 1962-1989 as a result of the cold war's pressures, which kept the trading Coffee price with a minimum of $ 1.20 a pound.

Since the beginning of the nineties, prices fell as a result of the Brazilian expansion in agriculture and the Vietnam open - door economy in the international market after the embargo raising on exports.

But Since 2005 the Coffee's price began to rise again as a result of increased consumption in Russia and China, and due to lower supply by up to 20% of the previous year, bringing the price to 101.44 cents per pound.

Now prices are at their highest levels since October, which has been triggered by news about the drought in both Colombia and Brazil, the top two producers of the bean.

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