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Copper Online Trading

How to trade copper?

Copper was being extracted from Cyprus during the Roman era and is therefore called the copper proportion to the island of Cyprus.

Most of the trading copper supply is extracted in the form of sulfide copper from large digging open mines and from Stones-Filled with copper deposits containing ratio of 0.4% to -1.0% copper, most known copper mines are Chuquicamata in Chile, the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah and Chino mine company in New Mexico, USA.

Chile is the largest trading copper producer in the world and holds a third of the world share and followed by the United States, Indonesia, and Peru, according to the British Geological Surveys report in 2005.

Copper is used in all major industries in the world including transport, engineering, machinery and equipment, electrical, construction, automotive and computer.

During the past five years, demand for copper has increased by a large margin in all parts of the world compared to the other basic metals, trading copper prices have risen by more than 393% from its lows in 2001, while gold rose only 151% and silver up to 188%, and platinum for up to 202% and palladium up to 122%, which shows the increased demand for copper and shows higher average price during the past years. The surge in the price of copper is due to the rapid growth in India and China and so far the demand for copper is still at the all-time highs.

The consumption of trading copper has risen since 1990, from 512,000 ton to 3.482 million tons per year in the world, and the demand for copper in India has increased from 132,000 ton to 271,000 tons per year, and The demand in the United States rose to 2.15 million from 2.5 million tons per year.In the past three years The consumption rate has risen above the production volume of copper and as a result, the supply of copper fell to its lowest level in five years, leading to a rise in copper prices from 75 cents per pound to up to almost $ 4.

Throughout history the price of copper was not stable at any time, from its lowest level in June 1999 at the price of 1.32 USD per kilo to 8.27 USD per kilo in May 2006, and then dropped again to 5.29 USD per kilo in February 2007, to rise back after that to 7.71 USA per kilo in April 2007, and last year the weak global demand and the sharp drop to a record lows in commodities prices, copper price fell to 3.32 USA per kilo.

High-grade copper futures are traded on the COMEX under the trading symbol HG.

Four largest copper producers in the world are: BHP Billiton (BHP), CODELCO, Freeport-McMoRan -freibort-McMoRan Copper & Gold and Glencore (XTA-LN)

Trading Copper

Many online trading traders resort to trading Copper online because it is an international commodity and the demand for it is constantly increasing, along with the use of it as a hedge against the inflation, along with many other factors.

The supply volume of Copper depends on the international markets, which means you can invest in and trading Copper online by gathering all information regarding the international relations and the political unrest in the countries that produce them.

The key trends affecting copper prices around the world: online trading traders look for these factors in order to profit of trading online.

The global economic downturn: Great use of copper during the current downturn.

Developing economies: Improve living conditions and infrastructure expansion requires delivery of electricity to homes and factories, administrative buildings, and because of that there is a big need for more copper in power stations and the conversion and energy transfer and the extension of public transport.

New electric waves: The Improving of comfort functions and hybrid powerhouses requires increasing amounts of copper in the construction of vehicles, which leads to increased demand for electricity from the main grid, using solar panels on buildings increases the use of copper in the construction sector.

According to the economics of Maaden Group, for nearly 100 years there were no new copper Mines discoveries all over the world, between 1998 to 2004 a total of only 39.9 million tons of copper of both reserves and resources have been discovered, while production volume reached about 93.6 tons only,and if there were no discoveries in the Copper field in the next few years, the results would be catastrophic in production and prices as well.

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